Transcat Electronic Upgrade Instructions

The Transcat Electronic Upgrade is designed to deter nuisance Cats from entering your home. A latch is positioned behind the flap which remains locked until unlocked by the electronic unit.

The digital electronic unit consists of a black box that sits just below the flap on the Transcat Clear Cat Door with the bulk of the box on the outside. The cat wears a small magnet in a soft light holder that fits on a collar. A sensor in the electronic unit will release the cat door latch when your cat approaches, allowing your cat to enter. The latch will remain open for approximately 5 seconds to give your Cat time to enter. The Electronic upgrade comes with an included magnet so either black or natural.

If the cat procrastinates and does not push the flap within 5 seconds the unit resets itself and becomes available to another changing magnetic field. In practice cats soon become accustomed to how the unit works. There is no restriction on exiting the cat door (unless locked manually). The electronic unit only restricts access.

The unit takes 4 x alkaline AA batteries (not included) which will last approximately 12 months when used by one cat. This is based on usage of 8 times per day so the battery life will vary. When batteries start to lose power the unit will emit a quiet beeping sound when the Door is operated. If the batteries are not changed the unit will begin to beep continuously until the batteries run flat.

As with any electronic product the electronics are complex but there is little opportunity for problems to occur. This web site has a troubleshooting section which provides tips and further information on how the product works.


Cats are very intelligent animals with very different personalities but it is necessary to train your cat to use the cat door. In most cases your cat will work out what happens within a day or two. The best way to train your cat is to encourage them by tempting them with their favourite food placed on the inside. Never push your cat through the cat door. They soon learn to recognize the mechanical click of the latch as a sign that the flap can be pushed open. If they delay for more than 5 seconds and the door locks they quickly learn to wait for another second or two for the unit to activate again.



Step 1

The electronic unit (black box) fits onto both the Cat Door & the supporting ring. If you purchased both the Cat Door and the electronic unit together the place where the electronic unit fits may have already been prepared. If not, you will need to note the following instructions.

If you have an existing Transcat Cat Door unscrew the four nuts that hold your Cat Door in place. (They should be only finger tight but you may need a spanner or pair of pliers). The bolts will then fall loose and your Cat Door can be taken from where it was fitted.

A section of plastic has to be broken out from both the Cat Door and the ring that holds it against the glass. (This is where the electronic unit will go.) This section of plastic is next to the magnet on the frame of the Door and in a corresponding position on the ring.

To remove these two pieces of plastic use a pair of pliers to grab hold of the pieces that have to be broken out.  (You will not need them again so do not worry about marking them).  Alternatively a hacksaw could be used to cut down each side and then apply pressure to twist the piece of plastic out.

Once these two pieces have been broken out you will need to scrape off any loose material with a sharp knife.

Before re-assembling the Cat Door try fitting the electronic unit onto the Cat Door frame.  The larger rectangular part goes on the outside, ie. the side that has the writing on the flap.  The unit should fit snugly into the space provided.  If it does not fit it may be necessary to scrape a little more with the sharp knife.

Step 2

To install the batteries remove the battery cover, using a coin if necessary in the slot underneath the unit.  Gently slide the battery cartridge out and fill it with four AA size alkaline batteries.  Replace the cover firmly.

The sensor in the unit responds to a changing magnetic field and so moving the unit will often activate the sensor because the magnetic field around the unit will have moved. It is therefore important to put the unit down on a table or bench or in the Cat Door once the batteries have been connected.

The unit may now be fitted to the Cat Door (when installed) by sliding it onto the Cat Door frame while holding the flap open.  (The part of the unit that holds the batteries must be on the outside).

Thread the collar magnet, supplied, onto your Cats collar.  The magnet should be positioned under your Cats chin but do not be concerned if the magnet moves from that position.  If you have more than one Cat additional magnet and holders are available from your retailer.

The unit does not need testing.  Provided the batteries have been fitted correctly your unit will be ready to respond to the magnet on your Cats collar.

Non-glass installation

If your Transcat Cat Door is fitted into a material which is more than 6mm thick (such as a wooden panel or door) it will be necessary to use a 3-6mm thick supporting material such as plywood to place the Cat Door into before re-fitting it back into your panel door.  This is because the unit requires no more than 6mm thickness to slot into.

Double Glazing

It is not possible to fit the electronic unit into double glazing if the hole in the glass is the standard 267mm.  However, for new double glazing installations the hole size should be 275mm.  This will allow the electronic unit to be fitted.

Any retailer that sells Transcat products is able to obtain spare parts. The Transcat electronic unit is the only product that has a specific warranty, because of the complexity of the product.

All other Transcat products are adequately covered by consumer legislation that requires any product to be fit for purpose.  Breakages can occur at any time just with any products.  Nielsen Manufacturing Ltd takes responsibility for any fault in Transcat products but not from breakages that are outside of the control of Nielsen Manufacturing Ltd.

If you have difficulty in obtaining a spare part please contact us by email and we will direct you to a site or retailer who can assist you.


Nielsen Manufacturing Ltd guarantees the purchaser against any direct defect due to faulty materials or manufacture for a period of two years from the date of purchase.  This guarantee excludes any damage sustained by misuse or normal wear and tear.  This guarantee is in addition to any guarantees which consumers may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act in New Zealand or similar legislation in other parts of the World.